SONS DE NADAL, Barcelona

The Christmas lights for Gran Via in Barcelona eschew the traditional seasonal iconography and are instead based on the ‘agitation’ and sounds typical of this season of the year. Against the backdrop of the sky, the lights visually reproduce a succession of onomatopoeic and celebratory sounds, the noises associated with meeting and greeting others, expressing best wishes, Christmas carols, etc.

Sounds was the winning project in the competition organised by Barcelona City Council in 2014.
Awarded with a Silver LAUS ADG FAD in the category of Graphics applied to space, 2005.

2014 / Ajuntament de Barcelona & Barcelona Activa / Lighting Installation in Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes (Barcelona) / Colaboration with Iluminaciones Rivas / Design by Ana Mir + Emili Padrós

Photography by Xavier Padrós