REFLEXUS with Ingo Maurer

The Reflexus installation presented the results of the four-month-long workshop with students at the Elisava School of Design on the work of the designer and ‘master’ of light Ingo Maurer. The featured projects offered different visions and interpretations of Maurer’s work, and they all used light as a ‘material’ for reflection and experimentation.

Students and designers who have participated: Jordi Canudas, Aina Obiols, Marc Barnola, Susana Zarco, Pepa Pedrol, Ariadna Miquel, Alejandro Mingarro, Nacho Martí, Joan Molins, Virginia Angulo, Oriol Rius, Teresa Escobedo.

2001 / Centre d’Art Santa Mònica / Primavera de Disseny 2001 / Graphics by Aina Obiols / Design direction by emiliana design studio

Susana Zarco
Nacho Martí + Joan Molins
Jordi Canudas + Teresa Escobedo
Virginia Angulo + Oriol Rius
Aina Obiols + Marc Barnolas
Ariadna Miquel + Pepa Pedriol + Alejandro Mingarro
Photography by Xavier Padrós