PLEC, Roche Diagnostics

Plec is an office furniture system which has been developed for the new Roche Diagnostics offices around the world. Our commitment was to design a very functional furniture collection to improve people’s wellbeing and creativity. The Plec collection creates flexible and collaborative spaces which encourage new relationships in the workplace to thrive. Each of the pieces is designed under sustainability and durability criteria which affects not only the choice of materials, but also the chosen production processes, the finishes and the later reuse of the elements.

2020 / Roche Diagnostics / Designed by emiliana design studio

From the beginning we have aimed for a visual language which could give coherence and unity to all the pieces in the collection. The morphology of the collection derives from a constructive solution which works by joining planks of wood at different angles to achieve stable and robust bases and units.

The word PLEC, which in catalan means fold, is the name of a collection that comes about through the act of folding, which gives all of the pieces of this family a distinctive angle.

Photography by Francesc Rabat