EL PARAL·LEL 1894 – 1939, CCCB

The exhibition looked back at 40 years of the history of the legendary avenue in Barcelona whose hustle and bustle were interrupted by the Spanish Civil War, an extremely liberal mixed part of the city known for its leisure activities and shows that transformed the city into a veritable spectacle of modernity. The exhibition was structured into very diverse themed areas, all differentiated scenographically as a way to explore in depth the wealth of content related to this period (assorted works, artworks, documents, clothing, maquettes, music, videos, etc.) and to showcase the greatness of their creators.

2012 / Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona / Curated by Xavier Albertí + Eduard Molner / Graphics by La Japonesa / Exhibition design by emiliana design studio


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Photography by José Antonio Soria + Ester Molera