MY TREASURED TRASH, emiliana design studio

In light of the enormous volume of objects that are abandoned and thrown out every day on the streets of cities, My Treasure Trash was conceived as a piece of street furniture that provides a public service by making it easy to dispose of objects that are ‘still useful’ to other people who can benefit from them. It challenges the lifecycle of objects in urban areas and invites citizens to adopt a new attitude towards issues such as waste, recycling, reuse and collective responsibility.

2008 / Produced by emiliana design studio / Design by Ana Mir + Emili Padrós

“Flexibility, design in a fast-changing society” curated by Guta Moura, World Design Capital, Torino 2008
“In progress” curated by Laurence Salmon + Jeanne Quéheillard + Jean-François Dingjian + Nestor Perkal, Grand-Horn, Belgium 2010