Lights to Be Seen II is an artistic and participatory project intended to support social integration and to raise awareness of the work done by the Casal dels Infants Association. Over a number of months, the project involved children in the association in working sessions, educational workshops, the collection, cleaning and handling of hundreds of packaging bottles and the design of a lighting assembly, all leading up to the installation of Christmas lights in the Palau Robert in Barcelona and the offices of the Casal dels Infants in the Raval, Santa Coloma and Badalona.

2015 / Organized by Palau Robert + Agència de Residus de Catalunya / Participates Casal dels Infants (Raval + Santa Coloma + Badalona) / Sponsored by Ecoembes / Project by emiliana design studio

Photography by Xavier Padrós + Kiwi Bravo