The exhibition took a chronological look at the furnishings and objects Gaudí designed for each of his buildings. To install the exhibition, we removed the temporary walls in the room in order to achieve a unique and luminous setting. As a result, the works engaged in a dialogue with Gaudí’s architecture of the main floor in La Pedrera, with its ceilings, its balconies, the street, the trees and the neighbouring buildings. Coloured flooring delimited each of the sections in the exhibition (corresponding to each building) and some simple structures made of pine and polyethylene served as supports for the exhibits.

2002 / La Pedrera / Organized by Fundació Cultura Caixa Catalunya / Graphics by Salvador Saura + Ramon Torrente / Exhibition Design & Direction by emiliana design studio + Cesc Solà

Photography by Raimon Solà + Xavier Padrós