FAD Fest 2015 brought together two major exhibitions in a large open space, firstly The Best Design of the Year (shortlisted projects in the FAD Prizes for Architecture, the LAUS Prizes and the FAD Fashion Prizes), and secondly Out of Place.
Given the diversity of formats in each discipline in the prizes exhibition, the decision was made to employ display solutions that used a common language and formal devices. Very neutral materials such as pine laths, medium-density fibreboard and paper were used in every ambit of the exhibition. The optimisation of devices and materials was a significant determining factor in the project: the exhibition supports were designed to be reusable, folded and compressed with a view to transporting and storing them and for a potential tour.

2015 / Disseny HUB, Barcelona / Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño / Graphics by David Torrents + Silvia Mínguez / Exhibition design by emiliana design studio

Photography by Xavier Padrós