The exhibition gave the first ever detailed account of the causes and tragic consequences of the worst industrial disaster in the history of humankind. To mark the 20th anniversary of the catastrophe, the exhibition interspersed visual documentation, interviews, diaries, artworks and even a number of suits like those worn by the ‘liquidators’ in their determined struggle to mitigate the effects of the radioactivity. The exhibition installation featured a space bathed in fluorescent light, with a metallic floor that conveyed a sense of cold, together with walls made of plasterboard with exposed structures in an allusion to the precarity and poor quality of the materials used to construct the nuclear power plant.

2006 – 2007 / CCCB (Barcelona) – Universidad de Alcalá de Henares / Centre de Cultura Contemporànea de Barcelona / Curated by Galia Ackerman / Graphics by La Japonesa / Exhibition design by emiliana design studio

Exposición en la Universidad de Alcalá de Henares (2007 – 2008)
maquetas de trabajo
Photography by Berta Obiols