Project developed for the Compound Future exhibition (Barcelona, 1999), which speculated on the objects we are likely to come across in the 21st century.

Featuring ‘high-tech and soft-human energy’, it reflected on the potential inherent in everyday routines by proposing technological objects that make the most of the basic energy generated by the user as they go about their daily physical activities. In this way, we recover a certain capacity for self-sufficiency and have the satisfaction of being the motor of the things that happen around us.
The Non Stop Shoes (N.N.S.) charge up during the day: the more you walk, the more energy they store. When you get back home, the energy can be used to power assorted domestic devices: a lightbulb, a radio, a fan, etc.
The Non Stop Doors (N.N.D.) charge up during the day when they are used and they return that energy in the form of light or signs in homes or public spaces.

Barcelona City Award to Design Category for the participartion in Futur Compost, 1999

1999 / Design by Emili Padrós

“Futur Compost” curated by Quim Larrea, Palau de la Virreina, Barcelona 1999
“Now, Design Avivre” M&O, París 2000
“Smart Futures” Netherland Design Institute, Amsterdam 2000
“What you can do with the city?” Canadian Center for Architecture, Montreal 2008
“Design and the elastic minds” curated by Paola Antonelli, MOMA, New York 2008

Photography by Xavier Padrós