CIY: COOK IT YOURSELF, emiliana design studio

For a few hours, CIY turned an exhibition room into a large ‘public kitchen’ and actively involved the public attending the event in a session of culinary creativity, improvisation and cook-it-yourself that enhanced communication around the act of eating and drinking. CIY provided people with a huge variety of ingredients and a small ‘fleet’ of household sandwich toasters. While the sandwiches were being made, the action was documented using instant cameras, while people drew up recipes that could be photocopied and shared with the other visitors/chefs.

2002 / Produced by emiliana design studio / Design by Ana Mir + Emili Padrós

“Limites Borrosos 1:1” Nuevos Ministerios, Madrid 2002
“CIY: Cook it yourself” Fomento de las Artes y del Diseño, Barcelona 2003
“CIY: Cook it yourself” Escola Superior de Disseny Elisava, Barcelona 2003

Photography by Xavier Padrós