Culture Badges are used as ‘mediating’ objects in the public space and aim to encourage communication between ‘locals’ and new arrivals from other cultures.
Inspired by badges advertising slimming treatments or therapies for giving up smoking, Culture Badges are also eye-catching and, with their messages of a cultural nature, attempt to kindle social curiosity and to stimulate dialogue between people from different backgrounds.

2004 / Design by Emili Padrós / Collaborate Alejandro Mingarro

“Love Why?” organized by UNESCO, Fòrum de les Cultures, Barcelona 2004 (subsequently traveled to Tokyo and Paris)
“Design and the elastic minds” curated by Paola Antonelli, MOMA, New York 2008
“Zona intermèdia. Disseny, art i societat” curated by Curro Claret, Centre d’Arts Contemporànies, Barcelona 2012

Photography by Xavier Padrós